Muguku Tumaini School





Spacious Classrooms

Our classrooms are spacious to allow a conducive environment for personalized attention from the teacher, and for private studies. We maintain a teacher:student ratio of 1:25 so that our classrooms are never crowded and the teacher can focus on every student individually and on the class as a whole.


E-learning Centre


Our e-learning centre provides for materials and infrastructure beyond the classroom and books, giving learners the opportunity to learn through audio-visual materials such as illustrative videos. The school has invested in these materials too and they are at the disposal of both the teachers and students to use.

Sports facilities

Our learners are encouraged to engage in sports for talent development and the school has a swimming pool, football pitch, tennis court among other facilities to facilitate for sports activities.


Computer lab


Our well equipped computer lab is open for students to learn IT/Computer as an examinable subject and for the entire student fraternity to not only learn the use of computers but also use them for research as a learning resource.


Agricultural Fields

Our vast land allows us to have agricultural fields which besides providing the school with food, give students a chance to explore agriculture as a subject and as an interest.


Science labs


Our Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs are not only spacious but also equipped well enough for every students to have an individual learning experience.

Modern boarding Facilities

We believe that safety, hygiene and even comfort are key factors that matter in a learners life, determining their attitude towards school and learning as a whole. Taking care of student's physical well-being also makes sure that they are mentally fit to receive and enjoy education. Our ultra-modern dormitory is spacious, has wardrobes to give learners space to organize their items and the toilets and hot water shower rooms are safe and hygienic.